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Minnesota Department of Commerce – Insurance

Minnesota Department of Commerce + 85 Seventh Place East + Saint Paul, MN 55101
Long-Term Care
Health Reform –

Guide to Purchasing Health Insurance
health insurance options in 2014
Individual or group coverage
Grandfathered or new
Health insurance marketplace
Market reforms and conformance with the ACA
Medicare coverage
Short term coverage
COBRA and continuation coverage

By telephone:
(651) 201-5178 or 1-800-657-3793
TTY: (651) 201-5797

By mail:
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Health Information Clearinghouse
Compliance Monitoring Division
85 East Seventh Place, P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0882

By e-mail:

By fax:
(651) 201-5186

Minnesota top companies and agencies

Minnesota Life Insurance Co
400 Robert St N
St Paul, MN, United States
(651) 665-3500

385 Washington St
St Paul, MN, United States
(651) 310-7911

Allianz Life Insurance Company
5701 Golden Hills Dr
Minneapolis, MN, United States
(763) 765-6500

U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services LLC
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN, United States
(612) 303-0990

RJF Agencies, Inc
7225 Northland Dr N #300
Minneapolis, MN, United States
(763) 746-8000

Green Tree Servicing LLC
345 St Peter St #600
St Paul, MN, United States
(651) 293-3400

Hartford Life
500 Bielenberg Dr
St Paul, MN, United States
(651) 738-4000

Minnesota Life: Securian‎

Securian Financial Group
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