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Michigan Department of Insurance

Top Insurance Companies in Michigan

Auto-Owners Insurance Company
Home-Owners Insurance Company
Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company
Grange Insurance Company of Michigan

List of some of the top agencies

5685 Highland Rd, #3
Waterford, MI 48327
A&A Insurance Center in Waterford, Michigan

1160 Dexter St
Milan, MI 48160
A 1 Ford-Branch-Smith Insurance Agency in Milan

3123 Davenport Ave
Saginaw, MI 48602
A C Coppolino Insurance Agency in Saginaw

A D Burnham Agency
10519 Snow Road
Hanover, MI 49241

A M Insurance Agency Inc
1548 Brentwood
Troy, MI 48098

A O Underwriters Ltd
2285 N Opdyke Rd
Suite D
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
A O Underwriters Ltd in Auburn Hills, Michigan

A S Arbury & Sons Inc
115 Jerome St
Midland, MI 48640

A+ Insurance Associates Inc./ Rick Kujala Agency
206 W Highland Rd
Suite 100
Highland, MI 48357


Information on Purchasing Auto Insurance in MI:,5269,7-303-13222_13224-66774–,00.html

PDF file – Guide for Auto Insurance Consumers

By Mike Heuer