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Florida Homeowners Insurance

Office of Insurance Regulation’s Long Range Program Plan
200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399 (850) 413-3140

Florida CHOICES – Auto and Homeowners

Top Florida Home Insurance Companies:
Citizens Property Insurance
State Farm
Florida Peninsula Insurance Company
Royal Palm Insurance Company
Florida Family Insurance Company

Some of Florida’s Automobile insurance Insurers and Annual Premium

Florida Farm Bureau General $548
United Services Automobile Association (available only to military) 658
USAA Casualty (available only to military) 766
Travelers Home And Marine 975
Depositors 1,001
GEICO 1,011
Government Employees Insurance Company 1,011
Liberty Mutual 1,098
Metropolitan Casualty 1,162
Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois 1,213
State Farm Mutual Automobile 1,304
Geico Indemnity Company 1,452
Allstate Fire And Casualty 1,543

Private Health Insurers in FL:
AvMed Health Plans
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
Cigna Healthcare
Coventry Health Care of Florida
Coventry Health Plan of Florida
Health First
Preferred Medical Plan

Obamacare Health Exchange Plans

Florida Obamacare
By Mike Heuer