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  • Home Insurance Deductibles Greatly Impacted By Storm Damages

    Homeowners Insurance Deductibles Greatly Impacted By Storm Damages

    By Mike Heuer

    The average rate for insurance homeowners need to protect their family abodes has risen by an average ranging from 4 percent to 6 percent across the United States largely due to recent storm damages, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Also rising is the size of the homeowners insurance deductible required to help keep as low as possible the rates for insurance homeowners need. Continue reading →

  • Manufactured Home Insurance Growing In Popularity

    Manufactured Home Insurance Growing In Popularity

    By Mike Heuer

    There was time when mobile homes were not regarded highly among homeowners, and for good reason. The relatively flimsy structures were not durable and had no foundation, unlike a traditional wooden, brick or mortar-built home. But the advent of the manufactured home has overtaken the mobile home market and produces many well-built structures that can be placed on foundations while remaining easy to transport. Continue reading →

  • Rates Change Based On Ever Changing Perils

    Homeowners Insurance Rates Change Based On Ever Changing Perils

    By Mike Heuer

    Depending on where a home is located in the United States, the amount paid to insure it changes greatly. Perils vary by location, and so do home insurance rates as a result.

    In August 2013, homeowners paid an average $855 per year for their homeowners insurance rates, which is down from an average $902 paid annually in March of 2013, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. But that amount paid rises or falls drastically depending on which part of the nation and even a state in which a home is located. Continue reading →

  • Annually Shopping to Compare for the Best Quotes Pays Off

    Annually Shopping for the Best Homeowners Insurance Quotes Pays Off

    By Mike Heuer

    Most people understand the benefits of shopping and comparing prices before making an important purchase. But many people fail to do so with their homeowners insurance plans aside from when they initially purchase their homes. And that can be a very costly mistake.

    While homeowners insurance plans are written on an annual basis, policyholders should review their plans and obtain several homeowners insurance quotes at least once per year and even every six months to ensure they are getting the best coverage for the best price. The cost of homeowners insurance Continue reading →

  • Average home owners insurance cost

    Average homeowners insurance cost

    By Mike Heuer

    Rates Are Up For Average Homeowners Insurance Cost In United States

    When it comes to threats to homes, nothing beats Mother Nature, which is responsible for the vast majority of highly destructive as well as deadly events that cost insurers a great deal of money. In recent years, floods, tornadoes, hailstorms and other weather events have borne out the highly destructive ability of Mother Nature, which in turn has driven up the homeowners insurance rates in the United States. Continue reading →

  • Mobile Home Insurance Protects Against Unique Perils

    Mobile Home Insurance Protects Against Unique Perils

    By Mike Heuer

    While standard homes with foundations and permanent placements are relatively simple to insure based on many years of standardized practices, the same is not necessarily true with mobile home insurance plans. Mobile homes and their newer counterparts, manufactured homes, have unique risks that must be addressed when looking to insure them properly.

    Among those risks is the fact they typically are moved at least once and often times more than once during lifetime of use. That means Continue reading →

  • Vacant Home Insurance Is Available But With A Catch

    Vacant Home Insurance Is Available But With A Catch

    By Mike Heuer

    The type of homes insurers find to be the most vulnerable to damage or destruction are vacant homes in which there are no occupants and even those with no furnishings, and that can result in hefty costs for those looking to insure them.

    Vacant home insurance can be difficult to obtain and thus costly as many property and casualty insurance companies will no underwrite coverage for such homes. Among reasons why are Continue reading →

  • Relatively Cheap policies Can Be Found

    Relatively Cheap Homeowners Insurance Can Be Found

    By Mike Heuer

    Depending on the type of home owned and where people live, the average homeowners insurance cost is about $1,000 per year, according to the Insurance Information Institute. But costs vary greatly.

    Those living in Florida have a difficult time finding cheap home insurance mostly due to exposure to hurricanes, tropical storms and potential flooding. By contrast, people living in relatively stable environments with low rates of crime, such as South Dakota, can obtain cheap homeowners insurance much more easily. But when Continue reading →

  • Home And Auto Insurance Rates Can Be Lowered

    Home And Auto Insurance Rates Can Be Lowered

    By Mike Heuer

    Most people are aware they can have the same insurer provide coverage for their home and auto insurance policies and get discounts on each. While having auto and home insurance coverage through the same property and casualty insurer can result in discounts of up to 20 percent on each plan, there are other ways to obtain rate reductions.

    Choosing the right home can make a big difference in how rates are applied. A gated community generally is safer than those without gates, and insurers will provide breaks Continue reading →